We have a few Treats that were inspired by Artist, songs & family time. One of them are our "Apple Berry Nana" Mini by Eric Bellinger which was created while the song replayed during a baking session (we typically bake to all of his albums soo). We said Oou! Everything in the chorus is a real ingredient that we can incorporate into a Mini.

We started it from our original "Berry Desire" which is also apart of the same song - no coincidence here. We have reinvented it 4 times from changing the color to a pastel wash pink to capture the full color scheme of what Eric Bellinger usually goes for (neon, vibrant purples, blues, pink/fuchsia) & notes of cinnamon, caramel honey inside of our swiss meringue butter cream & of course real strawberries & apples for that "Apple Berry NANA Taste"! YESS!!

These can be ordered as non-edible & edible version.

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  • Chaka Khan – Sweet Thing
    Mario- Music For Love

    Curtis Banks

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